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At Squeeze Juice Company, we make juice for the lives we live. Each delicious blend of healthy fruits and vegetables is individually crafted with your routine in mind. We are located where you live, work, and play, making the fuel you need to get through your day! It's your life. #drinksqueeze

green cold-pressed bottled juice

Get Pressed with our Juice

Our made-to-order and cold-pressed bottled juices are a delicious way to get your daily nutrients and vitamins.

a bowl with granola, banana, red raisins and a scoop of peanut butter

Get Fueled with our Bowls

Delicious layers of fruits, vegetables, and gluten-free granola create a nutritious snack that tastes great.

a hand holding a green juice on a transparent cup

Get Blended with our Smoothies

Our made-to-order smoothies are flavorful blends of fruits, vegetables, and enhancers to refresh your day.

carrots, strawberries and an orange

Get Energized with our Shots

Our delicious shots are crafted to provide you the perfect energizing boost to your day.